Aqua di Lara Swimwear — Miami Swim 2014 Sexy Bikini Fashion Runway Model Show | EXCLUSIVE (2013)

Aqua di Lara — Miami Swim 2014 Runway Bikini Model Show from FashionStock.com : HD Fashion Runway Videos.
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With her strongest passions being for swimwear, lingerie, shoes and couture-wear, creative director of Aqua di Lara Reyhan Sofraci started creating original styles that are masterfully put together. She has won several awards and has been recognized for her talent in fabric manipulation for great fit and her ability to play with lines and shapes in creating figure hugging and very attractive hourglass silhouettes. For Sofraci, a woman should be curvaceous and celebrated for this classic female form and this mantra has followed her in every piece she conjures. The Aqua Di Lara collection can be found across the globe in various boutiques and online retailers in over 20 countries. For more information, visit aquadilara.com

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