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  1. The only thing missing to their perfection is lovely pubic hair !! Just like Kyla Cole !!!

  2. Absolutely correct…..my daughter interested in bikini modeling but she shy for that… maybe during training she may walk like this what you said…

  3. @m I am SURE your daughter is a beautiful young lady, who are SMART enough and has a hidden talent that she OBVIOUSLY has yet to fully explore(which I hope she does ).We have too many of our young ladies today who are VERY gifted in a MORE professional skill but would rather showcase and parade their bodies in bikini and lingerie modeling maybe because SADLY they often have low self-esteem of themselves pertaining to body image (which is sad). I , as a man have seen TOO many women who are SO caught up in the way their body look and HATE themselves because society has taught them that if you pretty enough and gave the body of the WORLD'S liking you won't be able to find in. Encourage your daughter to ask God to reveal to her just WHAT is it HE wants her to do as far as a career is concern and he WILL (she just have to listen to him)and WHATEVER he tells HER, it is then for her to take HIS advice, and nobody elses on the choices he has for her. Showcasing and strutting your body half naked down a runway is NOT what he (God) expect of NO woman who respects themselves.

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